Hospitality Events

Corporate magician-mentalist Derek Hood brings the show to your guests, as he politely circulates throughout your event performing astonishing magic and mind reading mysteries. Your guests will experience metal objects bending right before their eyes; cards will change, disappear and reappear; their minds will be read, thoughts revealed and much more.

Your guest will be amazed by Derek's unique ability to combine breathtaking magic with sophisticated entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Additionally, Derek's charming and well-natured personality makes him a guest favorite and can set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Professional and a delight with whom to work, corporate magician Derek Hood will make your event unforgettable.

Meetings & Banquets

Corporate Magician-mentalist Derek Hood presents a fun and exciting show that is perfect for your sales meetings or conferences that will keep your employees, laughing and gasping in amazement. With his upbeat and charming personality Derek's show is designed for today’s sophisticated corporate audience by mixing breathtaking magic and mindreading creating a one of a kind experience that they will never forget. The audience becomes the stars of the show by being involved from start to finish. Additionally each show can be designed to fit the theme of your event.So if you are looking for something unique and memorable look no further than corporate magician Derek Hood.

Magician Mentalist



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