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Anti-Bullying Show
Bullying in schools is a big problem these days.  Kids bullying can have major adverse effects on students, affecting their self confidence, academic performance, social life, and more.  How can we prevent bullying? 

By answering these 3 key questions!
  1) What does a bully look like?
  2) Why do bullies, bully?
  3) What to do if you or someone you know is being bullied?

In this fast paced interactive magic show the students will learn the answers to these 3 key questions in a fun and memorable way. Along with learning answers to these questions the students will learn many tools that will help
them now and into the future. The show runs 45 minutes and the recommended grade breakdown is 1-3 and 4-6. 


The Show

“Derek has a wonderful way with children. You can tell that he truly enjoys entertaining them. He uses a lot of audience participation in his act and really keeps the kids involved.  I had many positive comments about him after the show from the kids as well as their parents.”

 - Arroyo Grand Library

School Assemblies

San Luis Obispo Magician Derek Hood brings his fast paced high energy style magic and mindreading show to all festivals. With a creative and fun blend of magic, mindreading and comedy you are sure to have your attendees in pure awe and laughter. The shows last from 10-25 minutes and can be performed from the street to the stage.If you want to keep your attendees entertained and leave raving about the entertainement, you need San Luis Obispo Magician Derek Hood.

San Luis Obispo Magician Derek Hood birthday and family shows are kid safe and family friendly! Derek knows how to entertain both kids and adults. If you want miles of smiles and laughter at your next event, then look no further. Your event will have 30 - 55 minutes of high entertaining brand of comedy magic that has plenty of audience participation and loads of laughter that is guaranteed to make your event entertaining and memorable.

Perfect For:

*Birthday Parties  *Summer Camps

*Family Events  * Any one that desires family friendly     entertainment.

Library Shows

San Luis Obispo magician Derek Hood blends the mystery of magic with the benefits of reading, all into a fun-packed program. Derek's exciting magic show will get the kids laughing, clapping, participating all while emphasizing the importance of visiting your library.  He'll captivate the children and adults alike with his warm, humorous personality, and they'll be taking home valuable lessons.

Festival Magic & Mindreading

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